Dramatic changes in subsoil use regulation and development of international financial hub in Astana are creating unprecedented investment and finance opportunities in mining industry in Kazakhstan and other Central Asian States.

To stimulate exchange between miners and financiers MINEX Central Asia Forum organisers will be holding on 19 April in Astana the 3rd Mining Investment Accelerator Competition – MineVenture.

The main goal of MineVenture competition is to select promising projects and provide subsoil users, potential investors and independent consultants with a platform for discussing the ways for bringing these projects to the implementation.


Subsoil users raising finance for mining projects are invited to pitch investors at the MineVenture business accelerator competition.

All projects must be submitted for review by 15 March.  Submit presentation proposal here


Investors and financiers looking for new projects in Central Asia are invited to contact Forum organisers to discuss potential participation in the MineVenture and organisation of one-on-one introductions.



Investment challenges

Currently in the CIS countries, there is a significant number of state-licensed deposits that are not being developed. In many respects, this is due to insufficient financing. Investors are slow to invest in the mining sector, and license holders do not have a systematic approach to attracting investments. At the heart of this problem is the lack of “common language” and, as a result, lack of understanding between license holders and potential investors. Every start-up project, be it the development of a new deposit or implementation of innovative idea, entails high risks. According to statistics, a very small number of start-up projects succeeds at building successful business model and becoming profitable enterprise. The two most common causes of failure are lack of buyers or funds. Most start-ups have limited access to experts, financiers or investors. Many have little or no skills in preparing marketing presentation.

Within the framework of competition we are proposing to showcase new exploration and mine development projects in the Republic of Kazakhstan and neighbouring countries. The jury will consist of leading independent experts, bankers and private equity funds, heads of mining companies responsible for strategic development and investment activities.

By taking part in the competition mining companies will receive guidance from potential investors and financiers on the best strategy for funding their projects. The winning projects will receive vote of approval from professional financial bodies and competent persons.

The winners will be determined by the jury and awarded at the MINEX Central Asia Forum Gala Dinner on 19 April.

The winners will be determined in the following categories:

  • Prospecting project of the year

Projects of prospecting precious metals and precious and semiprecious stones extracted from the depths of up to three meters and on the territory of no more than five hectares. 

  • Exploration project of the year

Exploration and mine development projects developed in 2016-17 with proven reserves and resources confirmed by the State Reserves Committee or in accordance with international standards of CRIRSCO framework. 

  • Innovative project of the year

Projects that propose implementation of innovative mining methods or technologies with the potential for broader use and significant economic effect. 

  • Best mine closing of the year

Financing of liquidation and reclamation of mine sites and post-mining activities. 

  • Investment project of the year

Implementation in the period of 2016 – 2017 of large-scale investments in the development of deposits of metals or minerals, construction and reconstruction of mining and metallurgical enterprises.

Terms for presenters

Who can participate?

Participation is open to applicants who own rights for the subsoil use in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

How much does it cost?

Presentation at MineVenture + Forum delegate place + Gala Dinner pass = 330,000 KZT / 995 USDPresentation at MineVenture + Forum delegate place = 300,000 KZT / 900 USDPresentation at MineVenture, no participation in Forum = 170,000 KZT / 500 USD

Application and forum registration must be submitted no later than 15 March

Participant package includes the following benefits:

Ability to present up to 3 projects (duration of each presentation should not exceed 20 minutes)Publication of presenter’s profile in the forum catalogue and website.
Use of conference room, equipped with screen, projector, sound system and simultaneous English/Russian translation.Video recording of the presentationPublication of the project in the post-event report

What will subsoil users gain by participating in MineVenture competition?

You will have an opportunity to attract attention of potential investors, financiers and business angels to your project.You will be able to receive advice and professional coaching from seasoned investors and leading experts.You will be able to disseminate information about your project and receive feedback from professional audience attending the Forum.Successful projects will be nominated for MineVenture awards and listed in the Forum special report.

How does it work?

The Forum participants will be able to present their projects to a group of experts at the MineVenture competition which will take place on 19 April at the Radisson Hotel in Astana.The expert group will consist of professional investors, financiers, CEO’s and COOs of leading mining companies.Experts will question presenters and determine the completion winners.Project presentations will be video-recorded and published on the official MINEX YouTube channel.The winners will be presented with Diplomas at the Award Ceremony during the Gala dinner.

Propose presentation

Investors and Financiers

Banks, private equity funds, large–scale subsoil users, members of the PONEN and subsoil experts of international associations and organisations are invited to become members of the jury and evaluate submitted projects.

Terms of participation can be obtained by sending a request to the website no later than 1 March  – https://2018.minexasia.com/en/kontakty

Contact organisers


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