Master class R4Mining: Low Carbon Mines: Renewable Energies in Current Mining World

Park Inn Hotel 17.04.2018 15:30 - 16:30

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Arnoldus van den Hurk

Low carbon society means high polymetallic society and it implies high share of renewables and energy storage in the mining industry.

Energy intensity due to decreasing ore grade will challenge mining worldwide. Renewables are reducing power cost and emerging as one of the best allies to miners, not only in term of power costs but in GHG emissions mitigation and Social Licence fulfilment.
We will make a trip to five continents analysing models and examples of how renewable energies and energy storage are characterising the new mining of the XXI century. Diamond mines in Canada, copper in Chile, zinc in Peru, aluminium smelting in Iceland, coal in India, platinum in South Africa or gold in Australia.

Finally, we will analyse how online training will become one key to overcoming the knowledge gap in mining companies and universities adopting this new scenario. Time to build the low carbon mine has arrived.